Twisted Kitchen shifts are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. We understand that a fixed schedule does not work for everybody in the food industry. We can be flexible within the schedule to be in sync with your production levels and seasonal order changes. You can schedule as many shifts required to satisfy your current demand. The convenience of working when it fits your schedule provides the perfect opportunity to develop, run, and grow your business. Twisted Kitchen runs 24/7, 365 days a year. Everything is ala carte, so you only pay for what you need.

The Twisted Kitchen uses the Food Corridor System which allows its tenants to book and pay for rented time and equipment online. Hourly time is charged at midnight on the day of use. Tenants have the option of using a credit card or bank account. Any storage, specialty equipment, smallware and additional fees are billed on the 5th of each month.

Hourly Rate
$25 per hour

A Little Twisted

Book 70 hours in a month and get 10 hours free Price: $1750.00 per month
(80 hrs *must be used within same calendar month 15% discount)

Seriously Twisted:
Book 100 hours in a month and any addition hours within that calendar month are billed at only $10 per hour. Price: $2500.00 per month (100 hrs)

Available by appointment only. Please call or book online.

Dry or Cold Storage
• $20/Week
• $5/overnight (1/one night)
• Free for day use (nothing is left after you depart the premises)

See list for availability and per day rentals.

Special Equipment Package
If you rent 70 or more hours in a month, this package is $100/month and includes:
• Commercial Slicer
• Large capacity Mixer (20 gallon)
• Countertop Kitchen Mixer
• Vitamix
• Robocoupe (food processor)
• Wand/Immersion Blender
(Or Above list is $5 per day per unit if less than 70 hours rented in a month.)

Cleaning is required at the end of each visit and before vacating the facility. Cooking & Workspace and rented items must be cleaned inside, outside, bottoms, and tops. The space should be as clean as you found it. Your cleaning time is included in the amount of time rented, not in addition to it.

Deposit To Rent Space
$200 – per contract

Deposit will be returned within 7 calendar days at the completion of your allotted rental time and upon a satisfactory inspection of workspace. If the space does not need to be cleaned or repaired, the deposit may be used towards any amount owed or refunded back to the method of payment used to pay it. Should the Twisted Kitchen be required to perform additional cleaning on the space, we will charge $35/hr. to clean if facility is not left in a satisfactory state upon vacating the premises. This will be deducted from the deposit first, then billed directly to you (depending on how extensive).

Proof of insurance and food license must be provided before renting the Twisted Kitchen and Twisted Kitchen equipment.
Contact Central District Health for additional guidelines about food safety and licensing.

Questions? Twisted Kitchen contact information:

Email: contact@thetwistedkitchen.com
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